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Swarovski rhinestone unique brooches and pins

With Swarovski-handed unique fancy brooches and pins, it’s easy to add precious bling to any outfit. A handmade designer Swarovski-encrusted jewel may become a beautiful gift that will show your warm feelings and appreciation. 

Blinged out brooches and pins with Swarovski by the Neonilla Berdar Studio
Here you can find jeweled pins and brooches made in different styles and colors to choose from — and there are even more options to create if you want something really special. 

We work hard to make fancy, cute, and chic brooches and pins that will speak to your unique style. 
The 3 Q's that Really Matter
Jewels exist to bring joy and decorate the style. That's why not only appearance but also the quality is key. If crafted properly, a rhinestone jewel will glow and bling for many years.
So, there are the 3 main Q's that stand for quality in our products. 
The quality of crystals. The crystals on our handmade designer brooches and pins are 100% original. This really makes a difference because it adds to the value — and shines brightly. 
The quality of a product. If you're going to add Swarovski rhinestones to a jewel, you need to ensure that the materials are equally resilient. That’s why we use high-quality materials (plastic, fabric, glitter, and even threads) so that a jewel has a long life and maintains a good appearance. 
The quality of fixing. To ensure that the Swarovski crystals stay attached to the jewel we use high-quality glue and fasteners. 
How to Order Brooches and Pins?
Start by picking the thing that you like. Next, press ‘Add to Cart’ and then ‘Purchase’ the product. After that, you’ll need to fill out a form and then choose a payment method. 
That's it! 
Once you’ve sorted all of this out, it’ll take a bit of time for your chosen brooch to get to you. The jewels are ready so you won’t need to wait while we make them. That is unless you have custom requirements. In that case, it’ll take us some time to get your custom handmade cute rhinestone brooch or pin ready for shipping. 
The shipping time itself will vary depending on where you’re asking us to deliver to. It could take from 5 to 40 days. You can have a look at your website to see how long it’ll take it to get to your destination. 
We will be happy to create a unique jeweled Swarovski brooch or pin for you. Please feel free to contact us!
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