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Personalized pacifiers

Neonilla Berdar’s personalized baby pacifiers do more than just satisfying the baby’s reflex, encouraging them to self soothe or sleep. They enable you to display that special attention to your little one when you feature a name, image, or a unique nickname. That personalized baby pacifiers a perfect gift for a christening, birthday, or any other special occasion.

Personalized Pacifiers with Swarovski Crystals by the Neonilla Berdar Studio
We avail handmade bling baby pacifiers made with beautiful and shining Swarovski elements using rhinestones, beads, pearls, pendants, as well as fancy stones. We do so in diverse creative cute designs using the different shades that any bouncing baby boy or girl would love. 
Want your baby to leave a mark wherever they go? View some of our ready-made designer baby pacifiers, and place an order. If you’re looking for something specific and want to nail down a particular inspiration, send us your custom order, and we’ll be happy to serve you. 
Place your order for the listed basic options, which are available for ordering:
  1. Age: 0-6 and 6-18 months
  2. Nipple's shape: symmetrical, orthodontic, and cherry
  3. Brands: Avent, Canpol Babies

The 3 Q's that Matter
Baby pacifiers are so versatile, from offering comfort to style, aiding your little one to sleep and play. They come with tons of benefits. 
The first Q is the quality of crystals. That’s why we take the time to offer you an unparalleled quality of the crystals in the cute jeweled pacifiers for babies, and every crystal we use is 100% genuine Swarovski.
The second Q of handmade jeweled baby pacifiers is the overall product quality. For many years, parents have relied on pacifiers for comfort, play, and as gifts. Infants put these pacifiers in their mouth, thus, ours are made from ecologic and non-harmful materials for the little ones.
The last Q with our designer baby pacifiers is the quality we take when fixing the crystals. We use non-toxic glue for the high-quality guarantee your baby's safety.

Placing an Order for Unique Pacifiers
Select preferred rhinestone pacifiers from out catalog proceed to click the “Add to Cart” and then “Purchase’’ button. Complete the process by filling in personal data: name, payment method, method of delivery, etc., and click “Order’’. 
That’s it!
It’ll be our pleasure to provide you with a unique bling baby Pacifier. Kindly reach out to us!
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